Indian Legal Center Services include:

  • Corporate Training

    With the evolving of Technology continuously, providing challenges for the workforce in Law many Organizations today spend huge resources in ensuring their workforce adapts to the change and retain their competitive edge. We provide Corporate Training and Certifications, Class exercises and case studies that are customized to the client's interest to Legal Firms and Students across the world. All of our workshops are available for on-site, blended or virtual delivery by USA and UK Solicitors. In-house certifications require both completed coursework and a demonstration of competency that is measured against pre-determined metrics to meet the skills gap. In addition, we offer a full range of soft skills training and Workshops in Communication, Interpersonal, Self-management and Leadership skills that is cost-effective for everyone. These services are widely applicable for diverse educational and commercial applications through Collaborative platforms, self-authored video, Mobile and Online learning options to fulfill their career needs. These Certification and Courses distinguishes a Professional in their role and can be woven into career development paths, Updating their skills and preparing them for career advancement.

  • Internship

    We offer Internships to students at British Legal Centre in London and in USA which provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a career field that interests you. It is a great way to gain specific skills and knowledge as well as build your confidence. Nowadays Employers are using work experiences as screening devices to assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees. They like to see that you had some type of related experience before they consider you for a position. Having additional work experience before applying gives you an edge over other candidates in a competitive job market.

    This Internship also gives you the opportunity to test out careers prior to graduation. An internship provides a more accurate picture of what individuals do in certain professions. Upon experiencing a particular job environment and seeing what it entails, leads you to find a path that is a better match for your interests and skills. We help you make this transition by working with the students to meet specific learning goals and provide special mentoring or networking opportunities.

  • Distance online learning

    Makes use of new technology to connect the students with their instructors using the most advanced multi-screen video conferencing technology from anywhere in the world. We are able to train lawyers worldwide by carefully tailoring course design, instructional techniques, methods of communication, organization and administration even though the instructor and learner are separated by time and/or distance. Everyone can view the list of Legal English Courses available and can choose the necessary course.

  • Individual courses creation

    Our courses can be specially tailored to cover the most intricate and technical areas of Law and Practise which our students need to learn. All courses are written and taught by working lawyers specializing in their areas of law and practise. All our teachers are working British Barristers and American Attorneys working in the areas of Company and Commercial Law and as busy lawyers themselves, they know the type of problems and questions which other working lawyers face on a daily basis from their clients and are able to advise on practical solutions which they have used in the past.

  • Legal English testing

    You can register and test your grammatical and basic legal English ability for free through interactive online tests to assess your general ability to read, write, understand legal English vocabulary and phrases. The tests can be used to assess whether a student is ready to join one of our specialist Law courses.

  • Legal Network

    We are in contact with a network of the Barrister’s offices and their Chambers of over 300 Barristers, including some of the leading commercial lawyers in the UK and USA. We are able to arrange for them to provide you with detailed advice on complex issues of company and commercial law. You can discuss the case through our video-conferencing system to receive their views and advice on virtually any matter involving UK, USA commercial law.

  • Drafting Legal Documents

    We provide Legal Drafting services together with the necessary accompanying Legal advice by the commercial barristers who write our courses and train in our seminars and lessons. Our Lawyer Linguists also provide Legal editing and proof reading services. We can arrange not only for legal documents to be drafted for you but also for UK Barristers to give detailed advice on complex issues of company and commercial law. We can provide you with all the necessary documents in perfect Legal English as well as providing you the advice needed for you to guide your clients through the most complex of matters. We can help you to advise clients and draft documents, including complex letters of advice on difficult areas of law. We can guide you through virtually any commercial matter involving UK Commercial Law.

  • Summer School

    Our residential Spring, Summer and Autumn schools are based on the principle of bringing leading British barristers and American Attorneys to teach or train the students who cannot for a variety of reasons, attend courses in the UK, USA. Our Barristers fly from London and America, stay in the same hotel as the students and provide a wide variety courses, practical legal skills and knowledge to course participants. No need for students to worry about visas, flights, long periods away from the office etc.


    Our Organisation provides training for Test of Legal English Skills(TOLES), Law School Admission Test(LSAT) etc. to Law students and Legal Professionals to crack these exams to get admission in their desired USA/UK Universities and to assist applicants in successfully applying worldwide. The top requirements in these exams are excellent drafting skills, first-class negotiating skills and a strong sense of commercial awareness in International trade for legal professionals to achieve their goals.

  • Indian Judiciary exam training

    Judiciary Online Coaching Classes by former Additional District & Sessions Judge Shri Kalyanrao Peddireddi of High Court of Judicature, Hyderabad is provided to cover Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Arbitration Law, Jurisprudence, International laws etc. which are useful for all states Judicial Services exam. It also focuses on current events of national and international importance, Indian legal and constitutional history and governance, analytical skills and aptitude.