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Need to improve your Legal English? Want to build a successful law career? Then you are in the right place!!

Indian Legal Centre offers multiple opportunities for practising lawyers and law students to improve their knowledge of Legal English and English Law with practising British barristers, American attorneys and lawyer linguists. The modern technology we use allows us to unite students from all over the world with our professional British and American teachers in the online school room to learn Legal English. All the course participants receive sufficient training to operate professionally in any legal sphere that requires an excellent knowledge of Legal English.

At Indian Legal Centre we deliver practical Legal English teaching in the form of Distance learning Online Legal English Courses.

Indian Legal Centre also provides helpful resources and law articles, comments to new laws and acts, best practice guides for young lawyers to grow on a client base, to speak in public, to write a successful CV, to perform a successful Interview, to gain letter writing skills, legal document drafting. You can also attend online Legal English free lessons.

We aim at supporting the Rule and Order of the Law all over the world by providing support in learning Legal English and supporting other organizations working to strengthen the Rule of Law, including the Lord Slynn of Hadley European Law Foundation and US AID Rule of Law program. We have built up a strong partnership with British Legal Centre and American attorneys which has its presence in Brazil and Egypt and is also a partner of Deloitte Academy of the caucuses in central Asia.

B. Jagan Mohan

International Business Lawyer

Supported by Former Additional District & Sessions Judge of India